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Published since 1982, our content is the heart of an industry that revolves around trading profitably with computer technology. Available both in print and online in our digital edition, we also offer a digital-only subscription, allowing you to save on shipping charges — no more waiting for the mail to arrive!

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Trusted by the experts.

Robert Prechter image

Robert Prechter

Elliott Wave International

Ever since the transformation of FNN, there have been few sources of useful and timely insights from technical analysis. Technical Analysis of STOCKS & COMMODITIES is an industry leader in reliably and consistently fulfilling that role.

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Henry (Hank) Pruden, PhD

Nagel T. Miner Professor of Business and Executive Director, Institute for Technical Market Analysis

Technical Analysis of STOCKS & COMMODITIES magazine is a mainstay of technical analysis and a must-read. Over the decades I’ve relied upon it for trading insights and as vital input for my courses on technical analysis and trader psychology.

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Price Headley

President and CEO

Technical Analysis of STOCKS & COMMODITIES helps grow my trading knowledge every month. Its coverage of both classic and new trading techniques makes it a must-read.

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Lawrence G. McMillan

President, McMillan Analysis Corp.

I read S&C magazine faithfully and have for years. If you’re looking for serious content, without hype, that is not only thought-provoking but useful, then you’ll find it here.

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John Bollinger, CFA, CMT


Technical Analysis of STOCKS & COMMODITIES is a first-rate publication. I page through it looking for ideas as soon as it arrives each month and keep a set of back issues handy for reference.

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The right way to profit in any market.

Each issue of Technical Analysis of STOCKS & COMMODITIES magazine is packed full of charts, tips, informative articles and analysis… as well as interviews with industry leaders, trade news, product reviews and trading book reviews.

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Over 30 years’ worth of premium content.

As a subscriber to Technical Analysis of STOCKS & COMMODITIES magazine you not only get a great magazine each month (in print and online), you also get complete access to our online archive of every article we’ve published since 1982, which you can browse by month and year or search by keyword, author, or subject.

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Interviews with leading industry figures.

Every month we offer an interview with a notable figure in the world of trading, mostly with a technical bent, but sometimes not (just to keep both sides honest). Interview subjects have included:

Greg MorrisGreg
              MorrisGreg Morris

As chief technical analyst for Stadion Money Management, Gregory Morris educates institutional and individual clients on the merits of technical analysis, and that is why Stadion utilizes a technical rules-based model to oversee the management of more than $1.5 billion in assets in two mutual funds, separate accounts, and 401k plans.

Widely recognized as an expert on candlesticks and the developer of candlestick filtering, Morris has lectured around the world on the subject. From 1982 until 1993, he worked in association with N-Squared Computing, producing more than 15 technical analysis and charting software titles, some of which are still in active use today.

He holds a bachelor’s degree in aerospace engineering from the University of Texas, authored numerous investment-related articles, speaks at numerous seminars and investment groups, and has appeared many times on Financial News Network (FNN), Fox Business, CNBC, and Bloomberg TV. From 1971 to 1977, Morris was a Navy F-4 fighter pilot aboard the USS Independence and graduated from the Navy Fighter Weapons School (made famous by the movie Top Gun).

In addition, Morris has written his second book, The Complete Guide To Market Breadth Indicators, introducing market breadth analysis for investors. A third edition to his best-selling and expanded Candlestick Charting Explained was released in March 2006.

Martin PringMartin PringMartin Pring

Martin J. Pring entered the financial markets in 1969 and has grown to become a leader in the global investment community. In 1981 he founded Pring Research and began providing research for financial institutions and individual investors around the world. Since 1984, he has published Intermarket Review, a monthly market review offering a long-term synopsis of the world’s major financial markets.

He is the author of several outstanding books including Introduction To Technical Analysis, Martin Pring On Market Momentum, and Technical Analysis Explained, now in its fourth edition. Since Technical Analysis Explained first appeared in 1979, it has established itself as the premier guide of its kind.

Over the past 34 years, his research has led to the development of reliable financial and economic indicators for timely and effective forecasting. Pring’s personal barometers for the bond, stock, and commodity markets have identified major turning points since the 1950s on a timely basis and outperformed the buy/hold approach by a wide margin. He is also chairman of the Pring Turner Capital Group, a conservative money management firm dedicated to allocating assets according to business cycle conditions. He may be reached at

Hank PrudenHank PrudenHank Pruden

Henry “Hank” Pruden is a leading technical analyst with more than 20 years of active trading experience. Currently, he is the executive director of the Institute of Technical Market Analysis and president of the Technical Securities Analysts Association of San Francisco. Pruden is also a professor at Golden Gate University in San Francisco, where he has taught technical analysis for 30 years. He has also served on the board of directors of the Market Technicians Association and serves as vice chair of the Americas for the International Federation of TechnicalAnalysts.

Linda RashkeLinda RashkeLinda Rashke

Hers is a name that you’ve probably heard or read any number of times if you’ve been interested in or involved in technical analysis for very long. Linda Bradford Raschke began her trading career in 1981 on the floor of the Pacific Coast Stock Exchange before moving to the Philadelphia Stock Exchange, eventually trading her own account from home.

Dan GramzaDan GramzaDan Gramza

Is there anything Dan Gramza hasn’t done? He’s president of Gramza Capital Management and DMG Advisors, LLC. He is an author, trader, analyst, consultant to domestic and international clients, and advisor to the St. Croix hedge funds. Gramza has also appeared on CNN’s Moneyline program, Reuters TV, Bloomberg TV, ROB TV in Canada, and others.

Wait, there’s more! He’s developed and presented worldwide public and private courses for traders on candlestick analysis, Market Profile, technical analysis, options and option trading strategies, stock and futures industry fundamentals and operations, and Series 3 exam preparation. He’s presented courses to traders from more than 36 exchanges, 400 institutions, and 35 countries.

He’s also a teacher. Gramza is an instructor for the Chicago Mercantile Exchange Education Center, the Chicago Mercantile Exchange/DePaul University Certificate Program, The Chicago Board of Trade, and the Chicago Stock Exchange.

Cynthia KaseCynthia KaseCynthia Kase

Cynthia Kase, CTA, president of Kase and Co., is considered by many to be the energy market’s premier technical analyst and hedging advisor. Educated as an engineer, she worked as a trader and risk manager for Chevron, Chemical Bank, and the Saudi Oil Ministry’s consulting arm, Petronal, before launching her company in 1992, which primarily focuses on providing trading and hedging strategies, software and solutions to the energy market, but also offers a trading toolbox, StatWare, on a range of trading platforms. She has been the winner of the Market Technicians Association’s Best of the Best Award, 1997, received the Key Women in Energy Award twice, first in 2002 for Vision and in 2004 for Innovation and Creativity, and in 2007 became the first American to be awarded the coveted Master of Technical Financial Analysis diploma from the International Federation of Technical Analysts.

Tom McClellanTom McClellanTom McClellan

Tom McClellan, the son of technicians Sherman and Marian McClellan, has done extensive analytical spreadsheet development for the stock and commodities markets on his own over the years, including the synthesis of the four-year Presidential cycle pattern. He has fine-tuned the rules for interrelationships between financial markets to provide leading indications for critical market and economic data.

Tom studied aerospace engineering at the US Military Academy at West Point and served as a helicopter pilot for 11 years. He began his own study of market technical analysis while still in the service, when he discovered ways to expand the use of his parents’ indicators to forecast future market turning points. He views the movements of prices in the financial market through the eyes of an engineer, which allows him to focus on what the data really says rather than interpreting events according to the conventional wisdom used by other analysts. In 1993, he left the Army to join his father in pursuing a new career using this type of analysis.

In 1995 they launched their newsletter, the McClellan Market Report, covering the stock, bond, and gold markets. They utilize the indicators they have developed to present their view of the market’s structure as well as their forecasts for future trend direction and the timing of turning points. Their Daily Edition was introduced in 1998 to give subscribers updates on their indicators and also provide market position indications for stocks, bonds, and gold. Their subscribers range from individual investors to professional fund managers. Tom serves as editor of both publications and runs the newsletter business from Lakewood, WA, and can be reached at

Jay KaeppelJay KaeppelJay Kaeppel

Independent trader and author Jay Kaeppel is a trading strategist with Optionetics, Inc., and writes a weekly column titled “Kaeppel’s Corner” for, conducts online seminars, and contributes material to new trading courses. He was head trader at a commodities trading advisor for nine years as well as a trading system and trading software developer for 15. A prolific writer, Kaeppel has penned numerous articles for STOCKS & COMMODITIES over the years, including a series of articles on his Provest option trading method in 2008. An avid systems developer, in 2007 he collaborated with Optionetics to create the Optionetics Futures & Commodities Home Study Course, and in 2008 he collaborated with Rick Pendergraft of the Pendergraft Research Organization and Tom Gentile, cofounder of Optionetics, to create the Velocity Strategy system.

Kaeppel is the author of a number of outstanding books including his current one, Seasonal Stock Market Trends (Wiley 2009), as well as The Four Biggest Mistakes In Option Trading, The Four Biggest Mistakes In Futures Trading, and The Option Trader’s Guide To Probability, Volatility And Timing.

Charles KirkCharles KirkCharles Kirk

Minnesota-based Charles E. Kirk is an individual investor who has been investing and trading stocks for more than 12 years and who currently trades stocks for a living in addition to writing about the stock market in his blog, with more than 10,000 visitors reading his website on a daily basis — a notable number, considering he has only been blogging since September 2003. His education and work experiences are varied, including a bachelor’s degree in philosophy and a law degree; he worked as a private investigator for a law firm as well as founding and operating the stock newsletter MoneyXperts. Kirk explains that his primary goals for the website and blog are to help the small investor and provide food for thought, not blind recommendations, adding that he lives and breathes the stock market every day and he does it because he loves it. Kirk has received high accolades from many financial publications, including Barron’s, Forbes, Kiplinger’s, BusinessWeek, and The Wall Street Journal, as well as this one.

J. Welles WilderJ. Welles WilderJ. Welles Wilder

J. Welles Wilder is an author, market technician, and inventor of indicators and trading systems that have become classics over time. Without Wilder’s contributions to technical analysis, it would be hard to imagine what we would have in the field, considering so many of the basics are derived from his work — relative strength index, average directional movement index, directional movement index, average true range, parabolic stop & reverse… and there’s more that will influence traders for many years to come. Wilder also founded Delta Society International, expounding the theory of the delta phenomenon in the 1980s, about what he refers to the perfect order of the markets.

Wilder is the author of four books: The Delta Phenomenon, Wisdom Of The Ages In Acquiring Wealth, Adam Theory Of Markets, and his most famous work, New Concepts In Technical Trading Systems.

John WangJohn WangJohn Wang

John Wang received his bachelor’s degree in chemical physics from University of Sciences and Technologies of China (USTC), his master’s degree in quantum chemistry from Zhongshan University (China), and his doctorate in physical chemistry from University of California, Santa Cruz. He was a senior scientist at a leading gas analyzer company in Silicon Valley for 10 years. He began trading futures in 1989 and remains an active trader today. A commodity trading advisor (CTA) since 1995, Wang cofounded AbleSys in 1994, created the Spyglass trading system in 1992, AscTrend indicators in 1995, developed the eAscTrend trading system in 2000, and introduced AbleTrend in 2007. His extensive background in both trading and natural sciences uniquely qualify him to create and develop computerized trading systems. AbleTrend: Identifying And Analyzing Market Trends For Trading Success, the book written by Wang and his wife Grace, published by John Wiley & Sons in April 2010. You can contact John Wang at

Danielle ParksDanielle ParksDanielle Parks

With more than 18 years of professional consulting experience, Danielle Park is an attorney as well as a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) and finance author. Park is a regular guest on North American news media and a popular keynote speaker about investment markets and money. She is the author of the best-selling book Juggling Dynamite and a popular financial blog, She is a member of the internationally recognized CFA Institute, the Toronto Society of Financial Analysts (TSFA), and she continues to be a member of the Law Society of Upper Canada.

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Traders’ Tips.

Each month, various developers of technical analysis software contribute code and tips to help readers implement some of the strategies presented in the magazine.

Code and programming steps that don’t fit in the printed magazine are presented online in their entirety at

Past issues have included contributions from:

  • TradeStation
  • eSignal
  • WealthLab
  • StrataSearch
  • Neuroshell Trader
  • AIQ
  • TradersStudio
  • NeoTicker
  • Worden StockFinder
  • NinjaTrader
  • AmiBroker
  • …and more!

Traders' Tips image

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Working Money & Advantage.

Working Money offers articles of interest to both the advanced and the beginning investor, with special attention paid to mutual funds, money management, and financial planning. Advantage offers new content weekly analyzing markets and trades with both classic and cutting-edge tools of technical analysis, as well as analysis of specific stocks, markets, commodities, and currencies, specific indicators and techniques. Proprietary content so up-to-date you can be sure that it will be fresh and relevant.

Working Money and Advantage image

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Software surveys.

Today, trading is done faster and smarter than ever before, thanks to a variety of indispensable software tools. Each year, our readers choose their favorites, which are published in our annual Bonus Issue.

There are many types of software for traders, including:

  • DATA: Real-time, delayed or historical, for stocks, futures, options or mutual funds.
  • TRADING PLATFORMS: Hardware plus software solutions for tracking trading activity and news from worldwide markets.
  • TRADING ANALYSIS SOFTWARE: Tools for charting markets and indicators, performing analysis, and sometimes tools for developing your own system.
  • STATISTICAL ANALYSIS SOFTWARE: Applying statistical and mathematical methods to market movements.
  • ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE: A systematic approach to trading, either designed by the user or, using neural networks, self-training.
  • PORTFOLIO MANAGEMENT: For tracking a personal portfolio.
  • OPTION ANALYSIS SOFTWARE: Tools for charting derivatives, performing analysis, and developing your own system.
  • STOCK, OPTION OR FUTURES TRADING SYSTEMS: Complete trading systems, some with analytical capabilities.
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